Powder Room Face Lift

I decided I needed a change in my life, so I decided to go nuts with our bathroom. I like the outcome, but unfortunately my dear husband. does not feel the same. The problem is our styles are extremely different. Jonathan likes simplicity and doesn't agree with anything out of the ordinary. On the other hand, I am a little off the wall when it comes to decorating. Lets all take a minute and remember back when I was in college when I came up with the bright idea to paint my bathroom ...

NEON freaking GREEN!

I really did think my Dad was going to chop each and every one of my fingers off when he walked into that bathroom for the first time. I think he would have been okay with the electric green walls, but then I took it to the next level by painting the drawers ... medicine cabinet ...and ...floor boards neon PISS yellow. Dude, I didn’t even use regular paint. It was t-shirt paint that I mixed with water to make liquid. You should try it sometime; you couldn’t even tell that I had the exact same paint on one of my sorority tee's hanging in the closet.

I remember my father decided to sell the weed infested, mailbox crumbled, once white now gray carpeted house. The realtor was walking through my pad with my father and I, as the three of us approached the bathroom the realtor gasped, "Who would ever want to paint a bathroom this nauseating color?”

Screw her and all you that said it was ugly, I loved it and it made me happy to wake each and every morning to brush my teeth in the bright ass bathroom. Real fast … A crazy story about that college bathroom and its renovation. My friend Katie and I decided to skip our Art History class one day to paint the damn thing… NEON GREEN, remember? All of our friends were in class, like any normal college student and Jonathan was not around because he dumped me for a few short weeks (a few weeks of hell that is).

Anyway, so back to the painting of the bathroom ... Katie and I were painting away when I realized that I took the door knob off earlier in the day. I probably took it off because I wanted to paint it neon pink or something out of this world. Anyways I and placed the knob on the carpet right outside the bathroom door. Well, the door shut and we were seriously locked the fume infested, NEON GREEN bathroom. I don’t think we had our cell phones and the only window in the bathroom was one of those skinny rectangular ones that are in the shower. You know the kind you can’t open … I don’t remember how long we were actually locked up but let’s just put it this way, we had enough time to paint the entire bathroom (2 times). I can’t remember what friend finally let us out, but whoever you are … thanks for stopping by my dear companion!
Chances are it was Sarah that stopped by; she was my saving grace throughout my college years. Love you Susel! I wish I would have been smart enough to take before and after pictures of the green machine, but I believe had my head up my butt throughout my college days. Ahhh the good ol' days! End of story. Short story made long, I guess you could say. Not that funny now, but it was hilarious at the time! Ok, so now where was I again? Ok, so yeah… I painted my power room in my new town home. Check her out over yonder.

Before Picture - By the way .. Yes, it's official, my husband has a fart in his brain when it comes to putting the toilet seat down. Let's not blame him, it's the toilets fault right?
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End - Taaaa Daaaa! (Note: Mom & I are in the process of making a cute valance)
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Amy said...

I think it looks fabulous! I think my husband would freak a little, too, but I'm sure he'll get used to it. I love the pics of Kathleen, too. I think I might hire you to do the same for me when we're back in Texas and having a baby (probably like 3 years from now :)!). Oh, this is Amy (Gray) Richards by the way...