Why Yes, I am a Journalist

Last Thursday my girlfriends and I strolled out of Sammy's to find a guy and girl sitting on the ground in handcuffs. Actually I take that back, both of the thugs were not sitting. In fact, the chick was lying on the concrete with a plump cop knee in her spine. She was yelling, “YOU FAT PIG, GET YOUR KNEE OFF MY BACK”. Yes, I agree the cop was a chubber, but I don’t recommend irritating the Po-Po while getting arrested.

You better believe I whipped out my camera and started to photograph the wild duo. Check it out…

Looks painful eh
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The boyfriend trying to shimmy out of his cuffs

The picture below was the best part of the entire scenario. The cuffed girlfriend pulled herself onto her knees, leaned over the plant to yell to her boyfriend, "See you in two years baby". She said it like she knew that she would be in the slammer for that long. Sad, but a little funny, no?

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That was how us ladies ended our evening. Good times.

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