New Found Love

My new love is ... THE GINGERBREAD LATTE, sugar free, non fat, with a splash of cream! So tasty, I tell you. I dare all of you to run to Starbucks right now and get you one. You will forever be in love.

It is the perfect Sunday morning here at the Harris house. I plan to sit here, drink my latte, research new cars and maybe even decorate for Christmas. Hubs is here reading "Texas Parks & Wildlife" and occasionally looking up at the football game.

Perfect. Sunday. Morning. Period.

And for some odd reason, I don't even feel guilty about not going to church.

What is everyone up to today?

The only thing that would make this day better than it already is, would be this beauty showing up in my driveway! Doubtful, but dreamy! Oh, and if you plan to get this for me for Christmas, I prefer the pearl exterior with the peanut butter interior. Thanks and Gig' Em.

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