Random Photo Wednesday : 8th Edition

I took this picture in San Antonio the weekend we laid my Nana to rest. I was relaxing out on the hammic and noticed the sun peeping through the trees. I love the blue sky in contrast to the bright green leaves. This shot holds a special place in my heart.

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Angella said...

This is a beautiful photo!

Edendale said...

okay, i'm not trying to be nosey in anyway, but i was reading back in your posts about your sister's wedding in playa del carmen.
was it absolutely, crazy expensive to have a destination wedding like that?

Laney Poo said...

Hey Edendale,
I really don't think my sisters’ wedding was any more expensive than mine, and I did not have a destination wedding. I am not saying that it was cheap by any means, but I really don't think they are as expensive as people make them out to be.
- Lane