The Tator Tot

Jonathan and I went to another baby appointment on Tuesday. Don’t tell my boss, but I secretly like going to the doctor these days. Although having my putang inspected is never fun, I honestly have to admit that it is a little more exciting than working. Did I mention that my husband is in the room while my cooter is being inspected? The whole situation just kind of weirds me out, but it is something that I have to suck up and deal with. I have never had anyone go to the gyno with me before, yet alone be there in the room with me. Oh yeah, except Mom, that is different though because sometimes I can be a big baby. Anyway, this whole pregnancy thing is totally creepy but so much fun at the same time. In fact, I love having Jonathan go with me. He sooths my nerves and makes the uncomfortable feelings that I have disappear with his witty and totally unnecessary comments. I swear we sat in the examination room for an hour waiting for the doctor to arrive. I am sure you can just imagine what my husband was into during this time. Let’s just say that he knew what was in every drawer and asked me 50 million questions about each item that he found. If that doctor did not walk in when he did, Jonathan would have had my tummy lubed up ready to perform the ultrasound himself.Overall the appointment went great. I have to admit, I was a little worried at the begging of the week because I was not feeling nauseous and I was not uberly-sensitive to smells as I have been earlier in my pregnancy. Of course I went straight to my books, and all they did was freak me the hell out. As I stared at the book I read in bold print, if any of your pregnancy symptoms disappear contact your doctor immediately. Well guess what I did? I freaked out and then decided to NOT call the doctor.As you can imagine, we were excited to see that everything was fine with the baby and then I did a little happy dance because I thought the sickness part of my pregnancy was over. Well I guess I danced too soon, because the next morning was a bitch and I felt nothing like I did earlier in the week.

Our little one is officially a fetus and no longer an embryo. Exciting, no? It’s about an inch big and holy shit it even has two arms and two legs already. I like to call it my little Tator Tot. I think that is sounds much more less-gooey than a fetus. So, all in all our Tator Tot looked great and its little heart beat was thumping away. It was a pretty cool feeling when Jonathan and I got to hear the heartbeat.The best part of the entire appointment….doc said it is fine for me to paint our bed room and get ready for it………he also told me that I am able TO VISIT THE NAIL SHOP! Booo yaaaa to all you guys that scolded me for wanting to paint. Ok so maybe I will take precaution and wear a mask but you better bet that my bedroom will be a beautiful shade of khaki by the end of the weekend.

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