Above is the number of years that I turned today.

I am officially in my upper twenties. I thought I would be upset about it, but I am surprisingly not that down about it. I even decided to reward my twenty-six years of existence by going out and buying my favorite soundtrack during my lunch break. It is from the movie "Once", which was also one of my favorite films that I saw last year.

Please, before you run out and rent this movie, remember that my taste in movies is not the same as the ordinary Joe. I am able to appreciate most movies and this particular one happened to be an independent film that makes me smile from the inside out. In other words, I have recommended this movie to about five people that hated it so keep that in mind before you think about wasting two hours of your precious time. But if you know that we already have the same taste in movies, please run as fast as you can to Blockbuster and rent this bad boy today.


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