The Boyd's

Easter weekend was fabulous. I had off four days from work, and that is enough to make the weekend that much more amazing. I was able to take pictures of my friend Jeana and her two kidlets. Isaiah (I hope I spelled that right) and Angel were so fun to work with. They are really the only two "older" children that I have photographed.

I fell in love with little Isaiah right away, he is very gentle natured and soft spoken. He is definitely a mama's boy! Even though he had a swollen eye, I still think he pictures turned out great.

Angel on the other hand was hilarious. I tell you what; I am sure she keeps Jeana's hands full 24-7. Not only is she the funniest kid ever she also has a little sassy side to her. She told me she is planning to apply to be on America's Next Top model, and dude with the poses I saw her throw at me I really think she has a chance one day. Check out her pictures below, you will see what I am talking about.

Now Jeana, I should probably brag about her too, since I just went off on her two children. Jeana has one of the warmest souls that I have ever met. I have only known Jeana since our two companies merged back in October. I have to admit I was a little nervous having 100 new faces walking around our office, but once I met Jeana I knew everything was going to be just fine. Thanks for being a good friend to me Jeana.

Overall, the photo shoot went great! Except the part when Doc, their puppy, took a steaming hot crap in the back of my car.

Who else’s is ready for a photo shoot?

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