Bring On The Fat Girl Clothes

Believe it or not I just bought my first maternity outfit yesterday. I can still fit (or shall I say squeeze) into my old clothes, but I must admit, my adorable matchstick jeans are getting a little hard to button. Ok, I lie...I can't even fit the damn pants over my plump ass. Boooo hooooo hooooo! I bought those damn jeans right before I got knocked up and they were not even on sale. And that is rare for me to buy a full priced item from J. Crew. So my point is that they better still be in style once I lose this enlarged ass of mine. Ok, so back my first maternity outfit...want to see? It is juys a lounger outfit but I think it is adorable. I got this in black with matching little capri yoga pants. Cute, no? Thank you Target for having an afordable maternity line, you are my new BFF for the next six months.


P.S. I have had many request to post a picture of my tummy, so I guess I will break down and post the dreaded picture one of these days. But let me just warn you now, it really doesn't look like a baby bump just yet. It looks more like I ate one too many cheese burgers. Yummmmm speaking of cheese burgers, I think that is what I need for lunch! Oh and look it's already 11:00....Sonic here I come!

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