Poor Kitty

We have a problem, ya’ll. Jackie O has been missing since last Thursday and it is my fault. No, I swear I didn’t let her out on purpose. We bought a new rug and were moving it upstairs and my hands were too full to close the front door. We didn’t see her run out, but that is the only thing that I can think could have happened. Yes, I know I never really liked the kitty but Jonathan adored her! He tries to act like he is not upset about it but I can see it in his eyes that he is hurting on the inside. Therefore, that makes me miss the kitty for him. Yesterday, on the way home from breakfast, I noticed that he drove right past our house and I was all…”Ummmm excuse me sir, did you just forget where we live?”. But then I realized what the hell was going on when he decided to roll down the window and yell out for his kitty for 30 minutes. Please keep praying that we find Miss Thang soon, it sucks seeing Pook upset! Here is a video that I took a while back of the psycho kitty, watching it kind of made me sad. Even though what she is doing with her mouth is totally not normal whatsoever. Turn up your volume to watch and please let me know if you think that this is normal feline behavior?

[vodpod id=ExternalVideo.489444&w=425&h=350&fv=quality%3Dbest%26allowfullscreen%3Dtrue%26scale%3DshowAll%26]

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