Desk Anyone?

Any readers out there need a new desk? We are cleaning out our study and starting the nursery room makeover and need to ship this beast out. If no one wants this beauty then it will go in the trash sometime next week. If you are interested, email me at lanerussell@hotmail.com. The desk is in fair condition. Nothing fancy or super dull, just a desk. We thought we were getting a super deal because "it came with the house", but now we realize the previous owners were lazy and it was probably a biotch to move. Basically we got hosed.



First come, first serve people. Any takers?


p.s. If your lucky, we will throw in the 150 lb. monitor too. You know you want it!


p.s.s. And if you are really lucky, we will throw in a sweet little kitty too, her name is Jackie O.


1-12.jpg picture by Lanie5411


- Oh how I kid, please don't think I am seriously trying to give away my husband's pride and joy, Jackie O.





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