Bragging Rights, Right?

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I was contemplating writing this post because my intention of this blog is not to publicize my family or friends lives, but I could not pass up this opportunity to congratulate my little brother.  For those of you who don’t know Kyle, he is a really neat kid that has a great love for life. He works hard at activities that are important to him and in this case, his hard work has paid off.


Last week, Kyle was drafted by the L.A. Dodgers. We had to say our goodbye this past weekend which was bitter sweet for all of us. He is off to Utah today and I wish him the best of luck. We are all so proud of you Brother. Congratulations on all of your hard work.


A friend sent me the article below and I thought I would share with you guys.




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that is just awesome!! congrats to the family for raising such a wonderful young man...

Kerri Noskrent said...

Awesome!!! Way to go Kyle, Congrats! I know you are all so very PROUD of him.