Green Salad For Me?

I wrote this many moons ago but forgot to post. Just a few months late, that’s it;


My best friend, Elizabeth (aka Boogie) was in town over Easter weekend and it was great seeing her and her wild family. She moved to Edmund, Oklahoma exactly a year ago, and I have been sad ever since the day she left. I really realize how much I really miss her whenever I get to actually see her when she is in town. I have a feeling that Boogie will always be living somewhere other than Houston for a long time, and I really don’t know if I can handle it. I want our child to know her and love her like I do. I guess that means that we will have to move wherever she and her boyfriend (correction: fiancé) are going. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for New York! Now who wants to volunteer to talk Jonathan into moving? Anyone? Anyone? Come on ya’ll he is not too bad, he is just the most stubborn person in America that HATES change.


Anyways, back to last weekend (correction: many weekends ago). I was leaving the Harris House (yes her last name is Harris too, weird huh?) when their hugely adorable, obese and spoiled chocolate lab, Birdie, jumped up on me to give me my goodbye kisses. As Birdie jumped up, Boogie’s Dad yells, “Birdie, get down! That’s the last thing we need is you knocking the pregnant lady over.” I didn’t think anything of it until I was walking down the front walkway and Boogie stuck her head out the front door cracking her self up laughing and screams, “Did you just hear that? My Dad just called you the pregnant lady….ha-ha-ha, you’re not a lady!” We both cracked up laughing and then I was off.


I got in my car and I got to thinking…you know, it is weird for me to think of myself as a lady first of all and on top of that a pregnant lady? ! I love the way Boogie knows me so well that she also notices the little things in life that I think are hilarious, such as the comment from her dad.


I am lucky to have my Boogie and I cherish every second we get to spend together. Friends are a great thing to have, but old friends always bring you back down to reality and slap you around a little when you deserve it.




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Love you Boogs, and congrats on the engagement! I am so happy for you and Mitch and I know the wedding plans will fall into place soon enough….just let it be, let it be ... and then you will see that you were stressed for no real reason.



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P.S. Thank you for reminding me today that Tator Tot is taking massive poops inside of me. I really needed to know that, really though.


P.S.S. The title of this post will not make sense to most of you reading this.





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