A couple of weekends ago UT played baseball against A&M in College Station. A&M didn't play so great, but I was ok with that because remember people, I root for UT baseball. Family comes before pride, mmmmk? In fact UT swept A&M. Great job boys.

Here are some pics from the weekend.

UTvsAM0341.jpg picture by Lanie5411


Love this picture. I know it is blurry, but you can see that little Kyle was the last one on the field still praying

UTvsAM0091.jpg picture by Lanie5411


Bob's greatest fan ever. FYI my Dad has called Kyle, Bob his whole life. Is that normal?

UTvsAM0381.jpg picture by Lanie5411


Kyle's other #1 fans, Mom and I

UTvsAM0161.jpg picture by Lanie5411


Hustle, hustle

UTvsAM0141.jpg picture by Lanie5411


After the game we were all waiting around for my brother come out of the dugout. As we were standing about chit-chatting, I noticed at least 10 kids that began screaming as Kyle walked out. They all ran up to him begging him to sign their baseball, hat and breast. Kidding about the boobs people, remember these were children were talking about, not college girls.


Kyle is always a good sport and makes sure he gets to each and every kiddo. And then he jets off before any other children can find him.

UTvsAM0201.jpg picture by Lanie5411


Being the obnoxious sister that I am, I followed behind the kids yelling, "Sign my ball Kyle, sign my ball."  Kyle looked over at me, rolled his eyes and said to the children, "Sorry guys that is just my retard sister, please ignore her." Right then and there the little chubby kid in the front turned to me and goes, "You get to be Kyle Russell's sister? Wow! You're so LUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKY". I couldn't help but laugh my head off.


Kyle signing more balls the next day.

UTvsAM0461.jpg picture by Lanie5411


I have to admit that I do feel so very LUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKY to have Kyle as my baby bro

UTvsAM0471.jpg picture by Lanie5411









Many thanks to all you that checked in on me during my break from blogging. I can't promise that I will be around as much as I used to, but I will definitely keep you all updated on what is happening with the Tot.


And since you were all so very patient during my "time off", I will grace you with another post today. Many of you have asked to see pictures of the ginormous tummy. Brace yourself, the next post is going to be way more belly than you ever wanted to see.


Muah, I missed you guys.

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Sarah said...

YEAHHHHHH you back! I missed the blog.....I NEEEEEED the blog! XOXOXOX