Pook and I were on our way to a wedding this past Saturday when our route was suddenly bombarded with detours. Screw my GPS, shouldn't it know that there was a HUGE Gay Awareness Parade going on in Montrose that day? Anyways,  I saw something during our adventure and it is still bothering me to this day.


There was a blue Poodle hanging out of the car window in front of us. I didn't have the time, or the courage to snap a picture but this is what the poor pup looked like. Only their Poodle was not all smiley and happy like the dog in this picture that I found on the internet. The dog in front of us looked terrified.



Is it just me or does anyone elese find this image repulsive? I don't know why anyone in their right mind would do such a thing. Yes, I know that you could argue that I'm also a little wacked out myself because I paint Swazie Cakes toenails, but come on people this is over the top! I would appreciate your opinion on this matter ... do you consider dying your pet abuse? Do you consider painting your dogs toenails animal abuse?


Kim Baker said...

I agree with you 100%. This is neglect. Toenails are one thing but this goes over and beyond the line of sanity.

She Likes Purple said...

It's definitely odd if not abusive. Just why? Buy a stuffed animal or something instead. Molly would NOT be happy with us. Although her natural color is just too pretty to mess with.

Kerri Noskrent said...

I would NEVER dye Sunshine's pretty coat. But i have to admit, i have tried painting her toenails, but with all the hair it just got messy. And i did ONE TIME put make-up on her, just blush and eyeshadow. LOL! hahahahaha

Kathleen said...

Is that Mikey?