Nursery Make Over


1-14.jpg Nursery Before picture by Lanie5411



Nursery001.jpg Nursery Before picture by Lanie5411


All clean and ready to get after it

Nursery030.jpg All Clean picture by Lanie5411


Started off by painting one wall yellow

Nursery037.jpg Painted one wall yellow picture by Lanie5411


Painted the three remainder walls BRIGHT green

Nursery034.jpg Painted The Rest Bright Green picture by Lanie5411


You thought I was joking with the bright green, eh?

Nursery038.jpg 3 Bright Green Walls picture by Lanie5411


Statred adding lighter green diamonds to the yellow accent wall

Nursery058.jpg picture by Lanie5411


Once green diamonds were dry, I added my blue diamonds

Nursery069.jpg picture by Lanie5411


Swazie Cakes helped me out

Nursery061.jpg Swazie Cakes Helped picture by Lanie5411


Dad and Pook installed the chair rail. Mom & I hung the bead board

Nursery044.jpg Beadboard and Chair Rail picture by Lanie5411


The manly men installing the Chandelier

Nursery045.jpg Hanging Chandilier picture by Lanie5411


Mama Joycie was pooped after a full day of working on the nursery

Nursery043.jpg Mom Helped By Watching picture by Lanie5411


Painting complete. Now waiting on the furniture to arrive ... yes, I am impatient and I had to throw the bassinet in the room just to see how it looked until the crib arrived

Nursery053.jpg Painting Complete picture by Lanie5411




I got impatient once again while waiting for the furniture to arrive so I started a new project. I gathered baby pictures of everyone in our immediate family. The only requirement that I tried to follow was to find them at the age of 1 year old or younger. I messed around with the old photos in photoshop, turned them to black and white and framed each individually and this is my outcome. I really do love the finished project, I think it will be fun to see who the Tator Tot looks like. Now I am just waiting on two pictures of my in-laws and then it will be complete.



KnockedUp138.jpg picture by Lanie5411




Hanging the drapes with the fam plus Molly 





Love the curtains....still waiting on the changing table





 Ok, so I don't think the dresser/changing table is ever going to come in, so I will go ahead and post what I have. I love everything about the room mius that hole where the dresser should go. Die USA Baby, Die! p.s. no one buy furniture from the USA Baby please





Ta Da!





Now All We Need Is Our Tater Tot To Arrive



And that my friends, is what nesting looks like.


Dana said...

It looks amazing! Now you have a nice neutral room for all your little ones. Our newest addition will get a crib, dresser that matches and doubles as a changing table, and one of the crib sets from the boys. If it's a girl we will tie some pink bows around the room:) Can't wait to see the room with the Tator Tot in it!

She Likes Purple said...

It's beautiful! When are you due again?

Lane said...

Hey Jennie,

My due date is September 9th, but after going to the doc yesterday it looks like the Tot will be coming in about 2 weeks. Holy moly!