Hurricane Ike

Taking on the storm

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Betsy and Sue washing dishes ... we had no power or water so the boys were washing the dishes in the drive way

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Cole didn't seem to mind that we were cramped up in the house for a week straight without power and water.

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Our "cabin". AKA, my parents house. Yes, their was a lamp on the counter and a tarp blocking off the living room

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Our sleeping quarters. We were lucky enough to have a generator to watch TV. You can see where all six of us slept for one too many nights. We pulled the mattresses of the beds and set up shop. Look closely and you can see that I was a pleasant housekeeper and left peanuts on everyone's pillows. Now that's service with a smile.

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My Dad pulling a boat behind the lawn mower. You ask if this is normal? No it is not.

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I got bored so I whipped out my camera and took a few random photos. This is what we did for 4 days straight ... BOOZE, EAT and SIT AROUND AND STAIR AT EACH OTHER

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The boys had enough beer in them to agree for me to take a few portraits

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I was so bored that I took a picture of love bugs humping

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We found 3 baby squirrels that fell out of their nest during the hurricane. Unfortunately none of them survived. I'm not naming any names or blaming anyone but there is a possibility that SOMEONE turned the heating pad up too high and boiled the little babies. But on the bright side, my parents found another baby squirrel and he is doing great...living and all.


Pre-Heating Pad Picture

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We fed them kitten formula

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So Cute

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