Random Photo Wednesday : It Really Did Snow In Houston Edition

I’m late with the Wednesday thing again. I have been running around with my sweet precious Cole all afternoon. And then we came home and had snuggle/play/Baby Einstein/pull Lane's hair time until Pook came home. Yes, I know I don't usually write anything on Random Photo Wednesday, but today is a special Wednesday. It is the day before I return to work.


My maternity leave has come to an end and tomorrow I will return to corporate America. Ok, I can’t talk about it any more, I get nauseous and start hyper ventilating every time I think about leaving my baby boy. Not really, but really though!!!

Goodbye to the good old happy days of watching my baby bloom. Can I now please go jump off my mailbox?  Someone catch me please.

It really was snowing when we took this picture, I promise.



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She Likes Purple said...

I hope your first day goes smoothly. I'll be thinking of ya.