Caden's First Three Days

About 3 minutes old

1-17.jpg picture by Lanie5411


Auntie Red spying on the nurses ... making sure they were being nice to you in the nursery

2-14.jpg picture by Lanie5411


Teensie little toes

bd4f6c66.jpg picture by Lanie5411


Beautiful locks

2cc6f858.jpg picture by Lanie5411


Happy little family

c1b8b842.jpg picture by Lanie5411


Part of your fan club

7dda9936.jpg picture by Lanie5411



2ea846f7.jpg picture by Lanie5411


Uncle Spaz

3759369a.jpg picture by Lanie5411


Auntie Red loves you

3460d57c.jpg picture by Lanie5411


Tootsie and Auntie Red

a23eabc5.jpg picture by Lanie5411


"You're so cute Caden, I could eat you alive"

3e7eb663.jpg picture by Lanie5411



0e0ce022.jpg picture by Lanie5411


Leah got Tootsie a neclace...Caden and Cole

15b61026.jpg picture by Lanie5411


Sweet, precious angel

064c7a1d.jpg picture by Lanie5411


There are many other photos that I want to share but I thought this was enough for today. A special shout out to Caden's Gigi and Pop. Congratulations on your new grandbaby! I wanted to give you guys some recognition because you two are basically the only people that read my blog. More pictures of you guys with Caden coming soon.


Kenna said...

LOVE the pics! I just can't wait to meet him. More pics please!

Pops ( a proud grandfather) said...

GREAT pictures !

Auntie Red, you know how to capture the moment.

Caden Douglas, you are a keeper...... Love GiGi and Pops

Dana said...

He is awesome. Tears came to my eyes when I saw the cousins picture. They are going to be best friends:) Last year at this time your dad found out he was going to be a grandpa and this year he has TWO grandsons. What an amazing year!!

Misha said...

He is precious! I love the pics of Cole and Caden together. Honestly, I'm also on your blog several days a week looking for pictures and updates. :-) Keep up the good work - You are fantastic with the camera.

Sarah said...

hey hey hey...i read this blog religiously!!!!! You and your sissy make beautiful babies! So happy for all of yall......thanks for coming out on Sunday....Cole has gotten so I big I didnt even realize that was him until after I ran by. This means I must come by more often. Love yoU!

Grandpa Dave said...

Hey Lane,

Great job with the pic's as usual!! Website and info are outstanding. Love all the comments and captions.