Walking Time Bomb

For those inquiring about my sister, here is the low down. She was taken off bed rest on Monday as well as the medication that prevents her from contracting. Now it is just a waiting game. The doctor advised her to go home and get it on if she wants to speed things up. Let’s hope she is taking his recommendation to heart because gosh darn it; I want to meet my nephew already! Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you guys … Leah caved and is letting my Mom and I be in the room for the birth. I can’t wait to take billions of pictures of the little man as he enters the world. If for some odd reason she does not go into labor naturally, Dr. Cook will induce her next Wednesday, which is only a week from today. Saaaweeet!


Auntie Red and Cole can’t wait to meet you Baby Woody!!!


She Likes Purple said...

Oh, I can't wait! Tell her a huge congrats from me.

Jen Adler said...

That's so exciting!! I'm sure ya'll can't wait!