2 Down, 23 To Go

Fact #2 : I changed my name my freshman year.


Once again, here is how it went down…


- Woke up on the first day of high school.

- Decided that I didn’t like my name anymore.

- Come on Mom and Dad, no one else was named Lane in my high school.

- Heaven forbid I stick out like a sore thumb.

- At the beginning of each class the teachers would call roll.

- They would ask if any students had any nicknames or go by another name.

- I shot my hand up into the air shouting out, “Elizabeth. My name is Elizabeth”.

- My friends stared at me like I was a tard.

- The teachers would scratch out “Lane” and rewrite “Elizabeth”.

- All 6 of my teachers were the only people in my school that called me Elizabeth.

- Sometimes the teachers would call out “my” name and I wouldn’t realize they were talking to me.

- In the middle of the school year my algebra teacher called home to inform my mother that I talked too much during class.

- Teacher:  “Yes, Hi Mrs. Russell. This is Mrs. Lowman, Elizabeth’s algebra teacher”.

- Mom: “You must have contacted the wrong parent; I don’t have a child by that name”.

- Good job Mom, way to rat me out.

- My sophomore year I decided to go back to Lane.

- My friends still make fun of me for this.

- Today I am perfectly happy being Lane.

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