Hudson Max Hrobar

My friend Dana came over last Friday to have me take pictures of her precious little newborn. Hudson has two older twin brothers and I can't wait to get this crew together for family photos. I like these pictures okay. For some reason I have a really hard time getting the lighting right when I take pictures indoors. I'm starting to think I should give up on indoor photography and stick to what I do best outside. But then again, I would be missing opportunities to improve on my newborn skills (which are lacking).  Are there any photographers out there that have any advice for me? Is there a trick I need to about shooting indoors? I wish that it was possible to start taking newborn pictures outside, but I don't see this ever happening. I surly can't imagine taking Cole outdoors for pictures during the first couple weeks of his life. I need some guidance, anyone want to help me out?


Now doesn't this sweet little face make you want to run home and make one of your own?


6c514ab9.jpg picture by Lanie5411


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And this is what it looks like when I try to get three happy babies in a single shot.


Left to right - Hudson (4 Weeks), Cole (5 Months), Caden (3 Weeks)

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Here is all of us with the babies. For a short recap, I have known Dana since I was a youngin. Leah and Dana were the same age, and I was good friend with Dana's younger sister, Ali. It is so neat that we all have babies so close in age, now all we need is for Ali to jump on the baby train. Oh, I kid Ali. No rush!


We are on the small white background and I am too lazy to photoshop the whole thing white, so deal with it please.

ffe59166.jpg picture by Lanie5411


p.s. Thanks to all those who came out of the closet yesterday. You all cracked me up with your funny facts. Glad to know that I am able to get you guys through that work day alive.  You all rock my world!


Ali said...

Those pictures are gorgeous!! You did such a great job!
P.S. You may be on your 2nd or third before I'm ready to jump on the baby train;) I'll enjoy your bundles until I do though!

Dana said...

YEAH!!! I love them! I can't wait to get the CD so I can show them off. Thank you, thank you, thank you. We'll be in touch for the family photos very soon.