If Our Love Were A Garden, I'd Want To Be Your Hoe

Today was by far the best Valentine's day ever. Check out what I got. I have had my eye on a remote control helicopter for about two years, no joke. Pook is the best. Happy Valentine's Day to everyone!


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Dana said...

I have so many helicopter stories for you. We had one like that...the boys promptly broke it. So, my dad got a much more expensive one that was bigger and sturdier. He took the boys outside to play with it on good ole' Boyce Springs and Mason took the controls. Using his 2-year old flying skills, he promptly shot it straight up in the air above the trees and the wind swept it away towards 1960. My dad chased it down Champions Forest for a little while, but he couldn't get it back into control. It crashed somewhere...no screeching tires heard so it probably landed in someones pool instead of on 1960:) We have had several more of the smaller models since then....all broken. They are now driving remote control boats.