Poor Little Monkey

You can pretty much assume that he was thinking about how much he hates his life when this picture was taken. It's rough catching all the nastey bugs floating around "school".


Damn RSV


kimberly oliver said...

poor little man! hope you all get better soon.

Dana said...

I am dreading getting through the "school" bugs all over again. Don't worry, it's better now then in kindergarten and it does pass. After multiple illnesses and one set of tubes in the ears, we have not been to the doctor in over a year:) Hang in there Super Mom!

Annye said...

Lane, do you have that poor baby in a straight jacket?? Actually breathing treatments are not that bad and it is a good time for bonding. You get to actually sit down and not feel guilty. Grant and Ashley both had asthma as children. Grant started having treatments when he was about 1. He didn't really mind them at all and besides you get to sit too, If only for a few minutes.
You can probably forgo the straight jacket!