Yep, I'm Late With This 25 Facts Crap, But Who's Really Counting Anyways? ... Random Fact #9

Fact #9 : My friend (I will conceal her name, so let’s refer to her as Jane) and I got in trouble for calling a trashy chat line when we were younger ... “Where it’s so easy to stick it in….ohhhhhhhh your credit card that is”.


You see, Jane and I have been friends since grade school. We were not the brightest of kids, but we had a hell of a time.


Here’s how this one went down…


- We knew a fella (hello Evin) that told us to call a phone number.

- The number was 1-800-FAT-GIRL.

- No I’m not joking, how could I make this up?

- Once we called the number a answer machine picked up. The lady on the message told us he was transfering our call to another 1-900 number.

- We thought it would be hilarious just go with it.

- We learned the hard way that 1800 numbers and 1900 numbers are not the same thing.

- 1800 numbers are free.

- 1900 numbers are NOT!

- This particular 1900 number was based out of Cambodia or some crazy place because they charged a butt load for each second we stayed on the line.

- Our parents got the phone bills.

- They got extremely pissed off.

- They thought we were the most perverted little kids ever.

- They basically hated us for a year or so after the incident.

- The End.

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