Last week I turned twenty-freaking-seven years old. My Mom gave me a newspaper clipping of my horoscope and I never want to forget it, so I thought I would blog it. I know it really does not pertain to you guys, but can you agree that there is an underlying undertone that is yelling at me to change something in my life?



Happy Birthday (March 11) You make a big difference wherever you go this year. You have a way of empowering others and often don’t take the credit for a job well done. This year you are invited to lose patterns that are no longer acceptable or don’t work. In their stead will come something better if you simply let go gracefully. LIBRA understands you well.



- Yes Jonathan is a Libra (how cool)

- If you know me well, you know what change I have been contemplating for the past 7 freaking months….Should I or go for it?

- Thought I would share a baby picture of me, since it was my birthday and all.




Jaimie said...

I will definatly miss you but, DO IT!!! No more icky viruses and breathing treatments!!!

Jaimie said...

I will def. miss you but DO IT!!!