Have You Seen My Baby?

It happened overnight; Cole went to bed Thursday night as a sweet and charming infant. He woke up Friday morning as a raging tot. He is out of control, someone please help. Is it normal for them to change this fast? He is grabbing my hair, grabbing food off the table, grabbing his dirty diaper from the changing table, grabbing EVERYTHING. On top of that, he is always SCREAMING AT THE TOP OF HIS LUNGS! Someone please lend some advice, I'm exhausted already.


Just ignore the bunny ears for a second and check it out. Told you, he is grabbing EVERYTHING!


Out Of Control



 Hmmm...I wonder how I can get up there



Still out of control 




Crazy cat (p.s. holy cow, is he getting my Dad's ears?)




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Dana said...

Here is the wisdom I live by...All stages are temporary. So, enjoy the good stuff and the bad because although each little stage could be better or worse at least it is a change. It will pass:) He may stop this stage only to begin the stress of teething. Then that passes only to start crawling, which is nice except you have to get baby gates...then comes walking...and climbing. Just enjoy the fact that he may scream, but at least you can still leave the room for a minute and catch your breath knowing he will be in the same spot when you get back! Hang in there.