Random Fact #11

Fact #11: I used to be a big dork and collect hermit crabs.


Funny story…see random fact #9 above. Remember Jane? Well Jane is also in this story. You see, Jane and I were not normal kids; in fact sometimes we did some pretty wacky things. For instance, we used to share our pet hermit crabs. We would trade off each week. I remember one particular Sunday it was my turn to pick up the crab from Ali oops I mean Jane’s house. I put the crap in his cage and put the cage in my bicycle basket and was off to my house. Well, you see when I pulled into my driveway my twelve year old brain was not smart enough to think to slow down. As we (hermit crap and I) flew over the drive way bump, the crab cage flew out of my bicycle basket, the crab flew out of his cage and then the actual crap was evicted  from his shell and splatted on my drive way. I looked down at the naked little crab and he was dead as dead can be. I took one more look at him and kicked him into the grass with no remorse. And today I feel kind of bad about it.


Ali said...

O. M. G.

Thanks for the shoutout. I do believe you left off the most compelling hermit crab story of them all though. I will re-cap:

One day, Laney-Poo decided that the cage she kept her hermit crab in was not sufficent. Instead, she decided the wicker laundry basket she had would serve as a much larger, more luxurious cage for her 2 pound (not kidding here) whopper of a crab. (Note to reader: Like most wicker baskets, this one did NOT have a lid) One night her friend "Jane" spent the night on the floor beside Laney-Poo's bed. Suddenly in the middle of the night "Jane" felt a rather heavy mass in her HAIR scratching away. Convinced it was a massive spider, "Jane" grabbed the mass from her hair and threw it at the wall. I believe it died and I still feel no remorse. Straight terrifying.

Lane, if you need more top 25 material, I suggest you add the story about getting paint in your pool and ending up in the shower with Ice. It's an oldie, but a goodie. I'm just sayin...

Love ya.

Lane said...

You crack me up Ali. So funny. I'm not sure if the paint story is blog appropriate.

Dana said...

I could add a few stories for you too, Laney Poo:) How about the chicken leg in the toilet?! Are you starting to regret the top 25 list:) How about an update on Cole...hopefully with a happy baby picture.

Leah said...

OMG...I am cracking up over her thinking about the chicken leg in the toilet story, so funny!