Just Call Me Jenny, as in McCarthy




After : Me and my pony tail

aka the squirrel tail.




See, told ya.


Help, I can't quit touching my hair. It feels so weird and SHORT!

Also, I couldn't resist the opportunity to show the internet people my Operah arms. See, here in the next few weeks my goal is to shed the Oprahness in them.



Right now my lonely hairs are sitting in the kitchen. Not sure why I chose to throw it on the kitchen counter, now that I think about ...  that's flippin'  nasty! I should move the napy root to a place where food is not served, maybe I will even say good bye to the strands and donate it like I originally planned. That's it, I just made the executive decision to mail in all 9 inches of my hair  today to Pantene Pro-V Beautiful Lengths. If you're also interested in donating your hair you can get more info here.


Christina Dunlap said...

LANE! It looks beautiful! Love love love it! You make me want to do something similar!

Dana said...

Awesome! It looks really good. I need to be that brave.

Carrie said...

You look Beautiful!!! What a hot sexy Mamma, Cole has!!

Ali said...

It looks great!!!!

Sarah said...

LOVE the new haircut!