Strollin' With My Hommie

I didn’t have to work last Friday so Cole and I got up early for a walk around the hood. First, we planned on walking to the park and back but I decided to take a little detour on the way home. We ended up taking a 2.5 hour excursion around where we live. It really made me realize why I love living where we do. Houston is a great city with much to offer. There are historical sites and interesting aspects of the city so close to where we live. Many people drive a long way to experience museums, gardens and parks in our area … so it was nice taking advantage of it for once. Overall it made me realize how much I don’t want to ever move to the suburbs.


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There was this really cool looking dance studio right around the corner from where we live. I never even knew there was something back there. When I got home I looked the studio up and I realized that it’s a really popular place. The group dances at all kinds of events and apparently they have been featured on Good Morning America on numerous occasions. Oh, the things you can learn about your community just by getting out and exploring. Anyways, while I was checking out the area I saw these two parrots. I asked the gardener if I could check them out. He was super nice. First he asked what my name was and then he went up and introduced me to the parrots. Yes, they could say hello. Mr. Gardener Dude said the blue ones name was Robert and the red one was Arne. He told me to stay away from Arne though, because apparently he's a little bitch that bites people, but Robert was a very sweet bird. When we were walking away they were both squealing loud as hell, I think they wanted me to come and set them free. Maybe that will be my next journey. Oh, I kid!



Arne (a.k.a. people attacker)

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Robert (sweet precious)  

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Love the sunlight peeping in on the top right corner

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