Tough love

Pook recently informed me that my blog is becoming rather boring to the "random person" out there, as all I talk about these days is my baby.  He suggested that I start doing a few product reviews for my readers.  I’ve taken his advice to heart and decided … why the hell not? It’s a good excuse to splurge on a few products that I have wanted to buy.


Thanks to Pooks constructive criticism, first on the list … self tanners! I’m all about the summer glow, but I’m also not about skin damage, wrinkles, or hell even SKIN CANCER. So, I’ve decided to start tanning the smart way, from a bottle. I’ve tried the booths and air brush by a person, but those seem rather pricey. Let’s see if we can find one that we can all apply at home.


My package from Ulta arrived today, enclosed was a butt-load of potentiallly fabulous products. Stay tuned for the reviews. In the mean time, I want to hear from you. Are there any self tanning products that you love? Hate?





Also, just to make sure I haven’t completely gone off the deep end with the whole blogging idea, I need your opinions. Is this the totally gayest idea ever? Am I wasting your time about dumb products that you could care less about? If this is the case, please let me know and I won’t cram your brains with my useless opinions. Before I start this I want to have an idea if you guys will benefit from reading the reviews. Come on people, can I get some feedback? I promise, if you think it’s not a good idea, just tell me … I won’t get my panties in a wad, I promise.


p.s. Don't hold your breath because there are many Cole posts to come. Remember this whole product review thing is temporary, my son is not.


p.s.s. Remember woot.com? It's a woot off today! WOOT WOOT! You know what this means? My day just got even better. I'm waiting for them to post the super large camera cards, so if you happen to see this, let a sista know.


Jaimie said...

Absolutely let us know what is good and what is not. As a fellow red head I need the bottles rather than the sun so post away!!

Kathleen said...

I am up for reading product reviews for sure, but could you just throw a picture of Cole in every time?

Annye said...

Lane first off I hope you can return the self tanners that you don't like.
I use Origins and love it but you have to make sure you shake it each time you use it. I just bought a new cheaper one to try the other day, yes I strayed, but didn't like it at all. It was too thick. Well darn it, I can't remember what the brand was but you can get it at Krogers , price about $10.00. I used it twice and took it back. It was something common. Well this doesn't help much except that I really like My Origins.

Annye said...

It was the Loreal that I didn't like!

Mom(Tootsie) said...

You should try my favorite which is "Strike Gold" by Bath and Body Works. Not much smell and goes on with color so you can see where you have put it. I tried some spray tanner from Neutrogena and it was awful. Looked like crap and stayed on forever.