Sometimes My Sky Isn't Blue, For Example ... TODAY Is One Of Those Days

Poor hommie has had the highest fever that he has ever had. Pook stayed home from work today as well, not because he wanted to help me out with Cole, but because he is also sickly. Now aren't you jealous of my life? Anyone want to trade lives for a few days?



 He begged me to soak in the sink, I promise it was not my idea.

This is the first smile that I have squeezed out of him all day.

sick baby


 You can't tell but he was moaning when this picture was taken. I have never heard such a pathetic moaner until I met my son when he was sick. On the way home from the doctor today, I swear he let out a two minute moan, he didn't even stop to catch his breath. Now that takes talent.

sick baby2


Speaking of moaning, the kid is doing it again and needs my attention AGAIN. Gotta love having  a sick baby.

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Dana said...

Those poor little eyes say it all. I hope he feels better soon.