I'm Still Here

I've put the blog on the backburner, as I finally got around to turning our first floor bedroom into a photography studio. I'm pumped about the final product, but in the mean time, this sux! Have any of you guys ever painted concrete before? Well, if so, give this non-handy girl some tips.


Caroline Zivley said...


Go to my favorite blog---www.thisyounghouse.com. It has a whole blog post about painting concrete with pictures and everything! Your welcome, haha!


Lane said...

Thanks Caroline....I will go check it out, or wait, maybe I will just hire someone instead. Dude, it's a total bitch doing it all by myself.

p.s. I sure do miss you girls!

Annye said...

If you haven't painted it yet go to the e-how website. I love that place.