That Wasn't My Chair After All

Thanks Kelly, for pointing out my new chair from Cole's photo shoot. I have been meaning to brag about it, but totally forgot. My newest obsession is finding crazy old furniture, and turning it into fun pieces for photo shoots. I still have many more ideas bouncing around in my head, I just haven't found the perfect chairs yet.


This particular chair I found at Goodwill for $6.79. Originally I wanted to make this chair gender neutral, but it didn't really end up that way. For some reason everything that I do always ends up looking girly, without me even trying. Ok, so maybe it's hard for me to stray away from the pink, but dude, I can't help it. The fabric, piping and paint for the chair was about $10. I hit up my Mom to help with the sewing, thanks Mom! So all together the total for this beauty was under $20. What a steal. Also, it entertained me for a good two days straight, and you can't beat that.



Before. Yuck! It smelled too.


2-15.jpg picture by Lanie5411



Chair without the stinky cushion, ready to be painted.


1-21.jpg picture by Lanie5411



I couldn't decide between turquoise or red paint. Settled on turquoise this time. Oh, hey Ash!


4-11.jpg picture by Lanie5411



Chair is this same as above, but I wanted to show off the biggest print that I have sold so far. This was for the Griffin Family. It's a 20x24 and I think it turned out great.


3-8.jpg picture by Lanie5411



Ta Da! The chair in action.




Caroline said...

Great job Lane, you know I love a good DIY project! My stump is FINALLY almost done, I will send you pictures!

Jaimie said...

I love the heading for this post...one of my fav. songs! And the chair turned out fabulouso!!

Kelly said...

I'll say it again- I love it! I love DIY, too, I just wish I had the same vision- I would have kept on walking at Goodwill if I saw that nasty thing in the first picture! Great job.