Girls Trip To The Lake

My uncle was so very kind and let myself and 8 of my sorority sisters from college borrow the lake house for the weekend. It was great to get away and catch up with everyone, but it was even better to come home to find a husband and baby anxiously awaiting the arrival of their Mama. I sure did miss those two boys.


Chillin' In The Lake

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Trying to figure out if Sarah will have a boy or girl with the ring on a necklace test. The only problem is ... Sarah is not pregnant! We did do the test on Ashley and I and the verdict is ... Ashley is definitely having a girl and I'm definitely having a boy! Well those were not really the results, guess you guys will have to wait and see.

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We celebrated C-Lines birthday

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Getting our water aerobics on


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Ash : 15 Weeks

Lane : 8 Weeks

Our dresses make us look way more preggers, I promise.

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Left to right: Dayna, Hargis, Sarah, Me, Katie, Kenna, C-Line, Ash

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So happy! =)

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One of my all time favorites, Sarah

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Love it.

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It was a great weekend, girls! Thanks for making the hike down for the weekend.

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Sarah said...

LOVe all the pics! Will you please send me an email copy of that pic of you and I....its a framer!