The Philips' Family Photo Session

In the midst of my morning sickness I put on my big girl panties and made the drive to Fulshear, Texas for a photo shoot of my boss (or shall I say ex-boss) and her family. I was feeling horrible the morning of and I was THIS close to canceling, but I'm so glad I sucked it up. Even though I was out of commission for the remainder of the day, it was worth it. Overall I think the pictures turned out great. Here are some of my personal favorites. I have been hearing about Kathy's daughters and grand daughters for years now, so it was neat to finally put a face with a name.




Group Shot

42.jpg picture by Lanie5411




Bob (also known as, "everyones favorite husband) and his bird, Rio. Did you guys know these thing live for like 30 something years? Talk about a lifetime commitment. The bird, I'm talking about the bird people ... not Bob!

44.jpg picture by Lanie5411




Kathy and her adorably sweet puppy

81.jpg picture by Lanie5411




Kathy's grand daughter, Caliegh

103.jpg picture by Lanie5411


123-1.jpg picture by Lanie5411




Kathy's other grand baby, Releigh

84-1.jpg picture by Lanie5411





100.jpg picture by Lanie5411


122-1.jpg picture by Lanie5411




The Fam.

132.jpg picture by Lanie5411


It was a really bright, hot and muggy morning ... but even under bad circumstances, nothing beats natural outdoor lighting.


Kelly said...

I love the parasol shots! The pool pic is my fave

Misha said...

Precious pictures. You're so good at this Lane!

Jo Ann Evick said...

Your work is awesome and the subject are beautiful! (I'm the other grandma!)