Gnome Baby

Thanks to you guys who left kind feedback and support from my last hopeless post. I'm feeling less bummed out about this blog of mine, but am still hoping for change. Jennie, I would love to answer your questions...coming soon. Cherie, are you kidding me? I would never keep my photography tips to myself; people who are not willing to help and teach others straight up get on my nerves! Not that I have many tips and secrets to share but I would love to share some of what I do know. Great idea, maybe I will even learn something by doing this. First, I must warn you that I'm the kind of person that has a difficult time at teaching and explaining equipment and techniques. Beware that these photography posts may seem rather basic or extremely confusing but I'll give it my best shot.


p.s. I composed the post below many moons ago, as well as many others so I thought I might as well publish them. Once again, same blog, same baby ... change coming soon.




I have been an eager beaver this year when it comes to Cole's Halloween costume. I'm thinking we are going to have to have a few costume changes throughout the night because I can't decide on just one costume. Come on guys, this is the only time I can have my son looking totally adorable in any costume I want. I'm afraid that he may have more of an opinion next year.


DSC_8928.jpg picture by Lanie5411

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Cherie said...

So cute. Looking forward to the tips. Maybe your change could be guest posting on my bog for a while! I feel your pain on losing the motivation. blah. You can only post pics for grandma for so long you know?