Uncle Spaz Returns From The Dead

Just kidding about the dead part. I thought the "from the dead" made the post a little more ... what's the word ... umm ... yeah ... ok, so yeah I agree it's weird!




My brother has been in Michigan for eight months playing for the Las Angeles Dodgers' minor league team. The last time Cole saw his uncle he was merly six months old. I think Cole sorta, kinda, not really remembered him ... but he did an awesome job at pretending like he was his bestie. Way to go Cole, way to play it cool. Nonetheless, Cole loves having his Uncle Spaz around. For some reason Cole thinks he's hilarious and starts cracking up when Kyle walks in the room. We are all glad to have him back ... that's until next February when he leaves again for another eight month span. Yes, that is a month before Birtha will be born. Basically he will not be able to meet his niece until she is seven months old. That's unless we make the trip up to visit ... with TWO babies. Oh dear lord, I can't even imagine and just thinking about dealing with them at the airport gives me the heebie jeebies. Maybe once Birtha is a little older I'm guessing.?.? Anyways, it really sucks for him, but it's the price you have to pay if you're willing to take the chance and sacrifice just about everything in order to try and make it to the big leagues. With that being said, Kyle was the MVP of his league (single A) this year. We are all so proud of you Kyle, and stand behind the decision you made to follow your dream. We love you ... well, we love you most of the time, not so much yesterday though because you were a pain in the ass and almost killed me when you were driving home from the park. I'm thinking today will be a new day though.


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