Name Game

I think we are officially down to two names for baby Birtha. I thought I would put up a poll just for fun, and to see what everyone was liking. Ultimately it's a decision that Pook and I are going to make no matter others opinions but I thought this would be something fun and different for the time being. I'm already leaning towards one of the names, but I will keep it to myself until we have made up our mind. So please, go and vote.

p.s. If you absolutely hate both names, please do me a favor and keep it to yourself. Thanks, and gig em.

[polldaddy poll=2218334]

On a side note, I spent not last night but the night before in the emergency room for 9-10 hours with an excruciating headache. We think it's just hormones, but I'm planning on getting checked out by a neurologists just to make sure everything is working up there the way it should. Is there anyone else that had pregnancy headaches?


Jennie Whitaker said...


I love both names! Last fall I had a friend who named her baby Harper Dylan (after their two fave bands).

Both cute! Love reading blogs at work, thanks for entertaining me! :)


Carrie said...

I LOVE both names, but since you asked... Sorry about your headache, I hope everything is OK. Hope you guys are doing well!


Kara said...

1st of all, I LOVE both names. Hard to decide which one I like more, but I'm still going to vote! About the headache...I never had any BUT my boss knew a couple ladies that got horrible migraines during their pregnancies. Hormones do some crazy stuff. I hope you are feeling better and that it was just a one time deal!

Ashley said...

You already know my opinion but I will vote anyway. Both names are adorable and you can't go wrong either way!!! I love Lucy Harris because it was your grandmother's name and it has sentimental value. I really like that. I also think it's a sign that you picked her bedding without knowing it was called the "Lucy Collection"!!! You and I HAVE to stop fighting the signs-- hopefully soon our babies will FINALLY have names... lol

Christina said...

I think you are going to pick Lucy because it is a family name... I like both names but I tend to lean toward family names because they have a neat story behind them... Dirk and mine's names are all family names.

Can't wait to see you! Ashely told you I am coming Saturday right?

Sarah Holder said...

Hey Lane! I love Lucy...I think it's a great way to honor Nana. She would absolutely love all the new babies running around :) I hope you are feeling better!

Amber Johnson said...

OMG!! So I called Ashley and was like OMG ... Lane found a name... its Hilton! And Ashley laughed and said "Amber scroll down thats just one of many"!! lol !!

Elizabeth said...

I personally like Lucy Elizabeth.....of course I am bias.

MoDLin said...

Headaches are common during pregnancy, especially during the first and third trimesters. They rarely signal a serious problem, but you should let your doc know about them.

In the first few months of pregnancy, they may be caused by normal changes in your hormone levels and an increase in blood volume and circulation. In the second trimester, pregnancy-related headaches may disappear as your body becomes used to the hormonal changes. Towards the end of pregnancy, headaches tend to be related more to posture and tension from carrying extra weight.

During the second and third trimesters, headaches may also be caused by a serious condition called preeclampsia (high blood pressure during pregnancy). Preeclampsia requires immediate medical attention, so it's good you went to the ER and were checked out.

You can read more about headaches during pregnancy at this link: http://www.marchofdimes.com/pnhec/159_15289.asp