We had a great time visiting Pook's grandmother in Ohio. We planned on making the trip relaxing and as chilled out as possible, and that it was. We made a point to not make any plans before we left, and that was the best decision we ever made. It was great not trying to live up to any expectations we had of the trip. The one and only plan we did make was to spend as much time as possible with his Nana. Spending time with his Nana really made me miss my own. I know it's selfish of me, but it's true. Deep down I'm sad and jealous that my Nana never got to meet my son; but at the same time I’m overwhelmed with joy getting the chance to see Pook share this time with his grandmother. As I sat in his Nana’s kitchen watching her interact with Cole, I couldn’t help but to think to myself, “How would my Nana have reacted to me being a mother? “ First of all, I'm sure she never thought that I would be capable of mothering a child, as I was a child myself in her eyes; but I also think that she would be proud. She always adored the great-grandbabies more than the first set of grandchildren. You think I’m making that up, but really though, she would even tell me how much she loved the second set. I’m sure that was her way of being that hardcore grandma that she wanted to be, but I always though to myself, whatever with the great grand babies, let’s talk about me! Honestly, I think she would be pleased to see that I am actually half-way surviving as a mother. Most of all I know she would totally adore Cole to pieces!


Back to Ohio … overall it was a great trip and I had a great time getting to know the fabulous woman whom Pook is lucky enough to call his Nana. One can never predict when things are going to change, so we all need to make a point to take advantage of the time we have with one another. Today, I have a goal for you guys. No, I’m not asking you to go out and smother the elders that are in your family, but I challenge each and every one of you to reach out to someone in your family. Let it be someone in your extended family, immediate family, the brother or sister who is the black sheep or hell let it even be someone who you wish was in your family. Inform this person the love that you have for them, that you care for the, and most of all thank them for being in your life today. At the same time, part of this challenge is for me too, so I intend to give 100% of my full participation in this little activity as well.


Ok, I'm for real now ... back to the Ohio trip AGAIN! As you might imagine, the pictures are not too exciting, but I'll still share. For some reason I haven’t really been in the mood for taking pictures lately, especially on this trip. Weird, I know! I’m starting to worry that I have the pregnancy blues again, but that’s a whole other post in and of itself. So … well … here are some of the pictures from the trip.

On our way to the airport  



10-7.jpg picture by Lanie5411  






Cole loved exploring the airport  



11-8.jpg picture by Lanie5411  






He was half-way decent on the plane and behaved himself (somewhat)



12-5.jpg picture by Lanie5411  






13-4.jpg picture by Lanie5411  






A nice lady moved so we had our own row on the way there. We had plans for him to lay down and take a nap on that middle seat, but it never happened.  



14-4.jpg picture by Lanie5411  






We chilled in the kitchen the majority of the trip. Here is Cole and I, well duh, in the kitchen chillin!  



15-3.jpg picture by Lanie5411  






We carved pumpkins  



16-5.jpg picture by Lanie5411  






My masterpiece. Pook thought his pumpkin was the greatest pumpkin carving in the world, I think mine looks pretty darn good. I'm just sayin!  



17-1.jpg picture by Lanie5411  






Bob Evans is my new favorite chain restaurant. Holy shit they have a mean omelet. I loved it so much I made them go back for three meals. Sure wish they had this yummy goodness down South.  



18-1.jpg picture by Lanie5411  







Pook was so proud of the bridge that he and his father made when he was in highschool.  I mean look at it people, that takes talent. I told him he should seriously look into bridge building as a profession.



2-19.jpg picture by Lanie5411  






Three generations  



21-1.jpg picture by Lanie5411  






It was faaareezing!  



3-11.jpg picture by Lanie5411  






Baby cakes all bundled up  



4-14.jpg picture by Lanie5411  






The foliage was beautiful, and that's coming from someone that hates the fall. I know it's crazy, but really though, fall is my least favorite season. I always seem to get in the worst funk come the first day of fall. I'm a summer lovin' kind of girl.



5-13.jpg picture by Lanie5411  






Father & son  



6-10.jpg picture by Lanie5411  






Blurry, but I still love  



7-11.jpg picture by Lanie5411  






Way overdressed, but the scarf was adorable.



8-10.jpg picture by Lanie5411  






We decided to bite the bullet and give Cole his first hair cut. Bye, bye little rat-tail. Weep! Weep!  



9-5.jpg picture by Lanie5411  






Us with Nana ... can you guess where we are? In the kitchen! Always! Not that I have a problem with kitchens or anything ... but sometimes I would go and sit in the living room in hopes that they would follow me, but nope, it never happened. They prefered the hard kitchen table chairs and not the plush recliners in the living room. Damn, I sound old, but when you're carrying extra baby weight a girl needs a soft place to rest her large ass.  



1-25.jpg picture by Lanie5411  



Dana said...

Very good post. Shane and I have invited his dad's whole side of the family to our house for Christmas to surprise his 96 year old grandma. She has had a hip replacement and 2 heart attacks in the past 2 months so we all fear it may be her last holiday season. These memories are so important for all of us!

Caroline said...

I love these pictures. Cole looks so adorable all dressed up in his winter attire.