Guess Those Cankles ...

Dear Cankles Mama,

Please don't hate me for posting this. I promise you will remain anonymous. In case you're wondering, they are not always this large, in fact they are usually SUPER thin. I wish you guys could really see this picture up close, because it looks painful ... I'm talking it took work getting her in those shoes.


Your Cankle Photographer


anonymous said...

LOL... I knew it! I knew this was going to make a post! LOL I mean, look at those sausages? ha ha... Remember the jiggling when I walked? What people can't see is the muffin top I had from squeezing in those darn Tory's!! I wonder if anyone noticed my 400-pound-fat-lady feet in subway? ;)

Your anonymous ex-friend.... j/k!

Amber :) said...

OMG!!! Are these who i think they are?? Dont you know all MY freakin shoes she has borrowed are now stttttrrrretched out!?! LMAO!! Glad its yall and not me!! hahahah..... :)