Random Photo Wednesday : Happy Engagement To One Of My Oldest Friends, Ali, Edition

I guess that's a weird wording for the title. She is not literally my oldest friend, like in age, she is actually one year younger than me. What I mean is that she is one of my long time friends (2nd grade, right Ali)? Anyways, that's her on the right, she's beautiful wouldn't you say. Anyways, I almost forgot that this is just supposed to be a picture with no words day, yikes blabber mouth. Happy engagement to my dear friend! I'm so happy for you, as we have talked about your big day for about ohhh just 15 years or so! Let me know if you need any help planning.

p.s. I hate to leave her sister, Dana, out; you're also beautiful, even though you were sometimes a meanie bigger sister.

p.s.s. Just a suggestion ... I looked it up, St. Mary's is only 5 minutes from St. Joseph and you have to admit it's the prettiest church in America. No pressure, but I thought I would throw that out there. And maybe the AC would actually work in October. Grrrr that still pisses me off! Nothing worse than sweat dripping down your legs on your wedding day!

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Ali said...

Thanks for the shot out in your 'Random Photo Wednesday'! I'm super excited too! Hopefully you and Little Red can come take our engagement photos:)

PS. We're confirmed for St. Jospeh's in October!!