I'd Be Lost Without Her

You guys say that I have been MIA as of late, but without my Mom's help, not only would I be MIA, I would probably be in a mental institution. I'm not going to lie, it's tough. I'm trying my hardest to take deep breaths and remind myself  how lucky I am. Like I said, it's rough right now, but I love every second of each crazy day. I know one day I'll look back and miss this time with my loves. Again, I'm sorry for not returning calls, emails like I should but I'm still adjusting to the new normal. I promise, the old Lane will be back again soon. Lets hope sooner than later. Thanks for everyone's support, I love you guys. A special thank you to my dear mother. You're a blessing and I'm so, so, very grateful that you are willing to help me out, even when you are just as exhausted as I. Thanks Mom, I love you!


Jen said...

So true!! I've been meaning to do a post myself about my Mom - what would we do without them?!!! Tried calling you because I was right by your house this morning, but I know how it is not being able to get to the phone. :) Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow

Dana said...

It will be "normal" again soon enough. I've been thinking about you a lot:)