Random Photo Wednesday : First Time In A Long Time To Get Dressed For The Day Edition

I know it's a half ass job at getting ready (hence the lazy, curly hair), but look people, I finally showered. I haven't had time to take a shower since Lucy Rose has been born. Wheeew it's been a stinky 4 weeks around here. No, but really though, this is the first time I have looked presentable in a while. My daily uniform is usually work out clothes ... minus the working out part. Wait is this Radom Photo Wednesday? Or is this Lane Goes On And On About herself Wednesday?? Peace out!


p.s. holy boobs, yes I  do love them. One of the perks of carrying around extra weight.


Ashley said...

Holy cow boobs is right!! mine are killing my back these days thanks to baby girl! lol

Christina said...

Awesomeness! Love the whole picture including the boobs! HAha!