Have You Seen My Orange?

One of my best friends, Elizabeth (aka Boogie), came into town a while back and was sweet enough to snap a few pictures. She is an awesome photographer, wouldn't you say? We so would be in business together if she would move back to Houston (hint, hint). She lives in Oklahoma, and I miss her dearly. For those that don't know our story, we met our first year out of high school and have been the bestest of friends ever since. We lived together in College Station, which was bad news bears. Well, let's just say that we had a blast living together ... and the grades we made that year definitely reflected the amount of fun we had together. Awww the good ol' days, love you Boogs!

p.s. Only Boogie will understand the title to this post.


Boogie1.jpg picture by Lanie5411


Boogie2-1.jpg picture by Lanie5411


Boogie10.jpg picture by Lanie5411


Boogie5-1.jpg picture by Lanie5411


Boogie4-2.jpg picture by Lanie5411


Boogie6-1.jpg picture by Lanie5411


Boogie8-1.jpg picture by Lanie5411


Boogie7-1.jpg picture by Lanie5411


Boogie9-1.jpg picture by Lanie5411

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Jen said...

That's so great! Glad you have a good friend that can get some shots of you and your adorable family every once in a while!