Muah! Muah! Muah!

A few days ago Cole starting kissing everything! I sit him in the high chair and he turns around and kisses it before he eats, he smothers his sister in kisses and to be honest, sometimes I hold my foot out just so he'll come over and kiss my toes. This kid cracks me up. His new nap mat came in the mail today and I asked him if he loved it, and he ran over to it and gave it the biggest kiss ever. When I say the biggest kiss ever, what I mean is that he was practically making out with the nap mat, I'm so not kidding. Since he is having a hard time communicating how he feels to us, I think he associates liking something with kissing it; hot damn baby boy not only liked his nap mat, he looooooved it!

p.s. Thanks Auntie Ash for helping Mama "design" my mat. xoxo, Cole


Carrie said...

These pics should be an advertisement for the dang thing. Too stinking cute!

Ashley Moses said...

You're welcome Cole Man!! Love love love the pics! :) Too cute!

Kim Baker said...