Monkey Doodle

This boy loves him some bananas. Seriously though, he would eat a banana (or nine) for every meal if I’d let him. When I take him to the grocery store I can't step foot near the produce department because the instant he spots the bananas, he automatically switches to crazy mode. Uhhhhhh, uhhhhh, uhhhhhhh as he points at the bananas. The uhhhh, uhhhhh, uhhhhing drives me nuts but I choose to pretend like I don't hear him. Ignoring him pisses him off even more and then it turns into a full, blown out meltdown in the middle of the freaking produce department. Dude all I wanted to get was one zucchini, why the massive fit? So yeah, I'm pretty sure he loves bananas more than he loves me.

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Dana said...

Hudson eats a banana a day too. It is the first thing he eats in the mornings when he wakes up. He runs right to the counter and says nana, nana, nana until I give in.