Yes, I Still Take Pictures Of Cole ...

... But Lucy Rose will actually sit still for me. I tell you what, neither of my children are into smiling these days ... but it will come soon enough, I can feel it.


Lucy Rose. 12 Weeks, Going on 12 Months


This is how my Mama sleeps too


Love me a cute hat!


Don't be jealous because you can't hang out in your Converse and bloomers all day.


Pearls, because I'm classy like that.


Does my tu-tu make my cheeks looks chubby?


Mama's love bug


Precious gift from above


Have you seen my flower?


Jen said...

Those are so precious Lane!! I'm sure Lucy Rose will be showing off her grins soon. That's funny, I can't get Katelyn to smile for the camera much either so I was excited when Madelyn started smiling.

NannyMo said...

Those are some blue eyes!!! Is she on the doggie bed?
Precious pictures, Lane!

Dana said...

Is that some red hair I see?! She is getting even cuter:)

Dayna said...

She is absolutely adorable! I love Lucy Rose's blue eyes!!!

Carrie Arndt said...

Oh Lane, she's a doll!! I hope that's red hair I see peeking through. Jonathan better be ready to lock this one up:) We are going to be in town for Memorial Day. I hope you guys are around. I would love to come by and see the kidos, minus the unexplained amount of tears this time!