Beer and Bottles

We had a great time at the lake on Memorial Weekend. Too many beers and bottles were consumed, but over all it was extremely relaxing and it seemed like everyone had a great time. Cole and Caden are really starting to enjoy one another. It's so fun watching them interact.

I didn't take many pictures, as I had my camera hidden from Cole most of the trip, but Leah was brave enough to leave hers lying around, so I seemed to grab her camera more often than not to snap a few. You can see some of them on her blog. Just click here.

 The boys making a mess of the window




Best Dad


Happy Girl


We Went On Walks/Runs


With the ENTIRE crew, Swazie & Molly included


We played In The Baby Pool


 The Boys Loved My Mom's Strawberry Shortcake


See, told ya


Cousinly Love!



Leah said...

MAN, my baby needs a tan!!!!!!

Stephanie said...

Hey There! Glad to see you are doing well - and the little one is growing so fast! Ours were born a day apart I think, if not the same day - 2/25 for Blake.

I noticed your double jogging stroller and have been looking for one myself that fits a carseat for Blake - what brand is yours? I need to find one soon! Thanks!!