Sun ... Sand ... Salt Water ... Newborn

I’m aware of the fact that I need to get over the reality that she is no longer my sweet little ‘newborn’. That makes me wonder…who in the hell is the “Hi, I’m the Mr. Dude that decides when your newborn becomes a baby?” Screw him, in my eyes; she’s still new to us and also newly born. Hell, I can call her whatever I want … and newborn it is!

Uhhh-ohhhh I can already tell this may be an out of control post.

Back to the sun, sand, salt water, and newborn combo ... can anyone tell me what does not belong?

Hopefully the stupidest of all stupids (for example, Paris Hilton) just might notice that the newborn is so not invited to the sun, sand and salt water party. Well, I say she would know that, but I’m not holding any promises. I really do worry about Paris sometimes!

Wow, what was I talking about again before I went off on Paris? Oh yeah …

A while back, like in July of 2009 Pook started panning trips for us to go on this summer.

I have no idea how Mr. Super Planner married the most spontaneous girl in America. It amazes me each and every day how we make it work, but somehow or another we do, and we do a damn good job at it if I had to say so myself. (Toot-toot, that’s me, tooting my horn).

Anyways, Pook brought the trips up again over dinner one day when I was about 8 months pregnant and the last thing I imagined myself doing is hitting the beach with a three-month old, 21 month old and a super over achiever husband. Once again, I decided to be a pleasant wife and went along with the plans just to make him happy, but I knew that his brain would come back down to planet earth and realize that he is flippin' nutso for wanting to bring both babies on a "relaxing" trip to the beach. To my surprise, he stuck with the plan.

Once again I put on my big girl, now known as my granny panties, and pretended to be pumped up about the trip. To my surprise, this experience was a huge success and a lesson learned on my part! Sometimes you need to put yourself out there and roll with the punches; venture out into the unknown and hope for the best. Maybe my pre-trip pessimistic mentality had something to do with the preceding trip to the hooooowwling Great Wolf Lodge.

Really though, I had extremely low expectations for this trip, and I really think it helped. For a couple of weeks before the trip I dreaded lugging around my sunburned, cranky, salty nuts boy and salty butt-crack girl around all weekend. Yes, the walk to the beach was brutal, but it was so worth it.

A huge thank you goes out to my sister-in-law, Heather and her boyfriend, Gary. They were such troopers. We owe them big time. When Pook mentioned that we should invite the two, I was all..."are you kidding me? If you were single (err well, not single, but just not married) and young and fun would you really want to be bossed around by a super stressed out family that has no clue what they are doing at the beach? Anyways, Pook decided that they may enjoy the trip and invited them anyways. Good dear goodness gracious, that was the best idea ever and I'm so glad that he did. I could not have survived without my sweet Heather. It was so nice having another girlfriend there to relate to and have somewhat of a normal beach party experience, even with the kids in tow. I doubt Gary even knows this blog exist, but if for some reason you run across it...please know that I greatly appreciate your help. I have faith that Pook ‘could’ have carried nine beach bags, a stereo, a baby, a cooler and a big ass tent down to the beach by himself...but if it wasn’t for Gary I would have had to hear him cry about it for the rest of the trip. So Gary, if you're out there, somewhere...thank you! We had so much fun beachin' it with you and Heather...maybe in a few years we can go again sans offspring and party it up college style!

So yeah, it was a great trip and I'm extremely impressed with Pook's planning. Way to go babe! You owed me after the Great Wolf Lodge experience ... HOOOOOOWWWLL! Sorry I tried to put down the beach plans before we left, because dude, you so proved me wrong … again!

Did I mention that this was our 4th weekend in a row to be out-of-town this summer and it only gets crazier and busier from here until September? I must say, I'm getting damn good at packing efficiently. Before I was all “what? baby sunscreen? swim diapers? hats? towels? baby oil (just to make sure that we all get skin cancer*)? baby water shoes? floaties? But dude, you should see me now, I have the packing process down to an art.

* Kidding about lathering kids up in baby oil. The only place I use baby oil is on my stainless steel appliances (thanks to Meghan Gregory's awesome recommendation)...you should so try it, because it’s the bomb diggity!

Yes, pictures coming soon but first...I thought I'd invite any of my friends on some of our planned trips. We're going to Port Aransas two more times, the Guadalupe ... and ummm, that's all I can remember for now. I'll have to get with my travel agent (Pook) so he can remind me what else is in store for the rest of the summer. The more the merrier, so come on friends, jump on board!

Alright, enough with the blabbing. I guess I’m just super giddy right now because  last night I FINALLY found an area in which I feel comfortable moving to (thanks Ash)...therefore, we can put our house on the market sooner than later and get the hell out of this three-story back-breaker of a house. Don’t get me wrong; I love, love, love our crib but it's just totally unrealistic environment to raise two children in. Oh yeah, and plus last night we got to cruise around with the windows and sunroof down, jamming out sans kids. Just us two, looking at houses and enjoying are alone time. It’s the little things these days that make me extremely happy and last night happened to be one of them!

I know this post is ridiculously rambley and all over the place, but wouldn’t you say the out-of-control-ramble-posts are way overdue? It’s been forever since I had time to just sit down and started typing about anything and nothing (just like I used to do in the good old days). It feels damn good, and it feels even better when I hit that ‘publish’ button so everyone can waist their time reading my pointless post when they should really be writing up that overdue report at work.

There … I’m done talking, I promise. Enjoy the buttload of pictures that I took at the beach last weekend.


Love me a hottie (especially mine) with a baby


Is it just me or does it looks like a carebear threw up on the walls? LOL...someone left that comment in the guestbook. Cracks me up!


Heather, Lucy Rose & Gary


No, Cole is not drowning it just looks like it. Errr, well at least I think


You have to admit, she's damn cute!


Lovin' her swim suit that her Auntie Ash spent WAY too much money on


Cole & Pook love to rough-house


We all know I can't go without a tootsie pic. Love them!


Sweet boys


Snoozin' on the beach


He's a mess sometimes, but he can be so gentle and sweet at times. Love him!


The seaguls freaked Cole man out


Oh you know, just feeding the outlet some goldfish. NOT NORMAL!


There was a sign that read, "Do not feed seaguls from balcony." Oops!


Pooks going to kill me for posting this.


Ghetto high chair


Why do I even try?


Checking out our "NEWBORN"!



Meghan said...

I cracked up more than once reading your blog this morning! It was just what I was needing. Thank you! And...I am glad the "baby oil on stainless" is working for you. I love it too!

Carrie said...

I REALLY hope that the guadulupe trip you're talking about is our annual that you have yet to enjoy:) if not We would
love to meet you guys for one of your fun adventures, just let me know. I promise I'll be as good as Heather:) looks like y'alls summer is going to be a blast!!

Jen said...

SOOOO glad to hear how well it went!!!!! And I'm thrilled about you getting things moving on the moving front !!! Whohoo!