Photo Shoot Anyone?

I know I'm going a bit out of order, but my next post will be on Amanda's wedding, I promise. But for now, I am way too excited to hold back from posting about babies. Someone else's baby that is!I am one step closer to making my dream come true, thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Orr! A good friend of the family, Kathleen and her husband, Mike were courteous enough to allow me take pictures of their little baby bump last night. Yes, you heard me correctly I had my first real PHOTO SHOOT! And yes, I am talking a professional studio and all ... Well, that’s if you consider a black sheet hanging on my kitchen wall professional.

Thanks guys for allowing me to take pictures of your soon to be bundle of joy. You have no idea how happy it makes me when I am behind that camera snapping away. It also helps when the subjects are as beautiful as the two of you.
In two short weeks Mike and Kathleen will introduce the new addition into the family. It is a little weird seeing someone you grew up with pregnant, but it is also mysterious and a beautiful part of life. I wish you guys the best of luck and can’t wait to meet the little hors d'oeuvre.
If you are wondering why I refer to the baby as an hors d'oeuvre, it's not because I was clever enough to come up with the name myself. Kathleen starting calling it this because their last name is Orr ... ahhh now you get it right?

Here are some regular sized pics too. I got a little carried away with the collage above, because I just learned how to make one. And I think the collage is pretty darn cute, but you really can't see the pictures as well as I would like. So, here you are.

Eeehh Babay! (Love that song)
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So sweet
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Ready or not, here he/she comes
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Peek - A - Boo
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Funny story ... I took this right before Mike told Kathleen to, "make love to the camera!". I think it turned out cute, I love the expression on her face.

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So, who’s next? Is there anyone else ready for a “photo shoot”? I accept baby bumps, non-baby bumps, friendly pets, or hell I am so eager I will even photograph beer bellies if that’s what makes you happy.

Just kidding Dad, put your hand down!

P.S. Kathleen & Mike, thanks for dinner. Oh, and the cookies too! I ate three on the way to work this morning. So scrumptious!

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